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Top Tips for Small Gardens

small gardens

A large garden is a must-have factor for many homeowners, providing a spacious outdoors space to enjoy in the summer months. Having a smaller garden can therefore be unappealing, leaving many homeowners feeling there is little to be done to enhance the size and space of smaller areas. However, that doesn’t need to be the case – with a little planning and following some of the tips we’ve provided here, even the smallest of gardens can be transformed into your own private paradise.

Less clutter

The more items taking up space, the more cluttered your garden is going to look. Reduce clutter by opting for fold away furniture, and being ruthless when spring cleaning your outdoors equipment. Less clutter is key to making the most of your small garden.

clutter free garden

Diagonal paving

Shapes are a great way of altering the way your garden is perceived, adding unique angles and edges to give the space an extra dimension. Placing paving slabs diagonally so that they are in a diamond shape, for example, can create an effective optical illusion that makes your lawn look longer.

Keep things bright

Brighter colours will ensure your garden looks much bigger and more spacious than it is. Choose a colour scheme for your garden, whether that’s loud colours that really stand out, or a swathe of cooler, more subtle shades. Placing these in your garden in the form of flowers, shrubbery, or even by painting a fence or adding in some garden accessories can go a long way in making a space feel larger.

small garden bright flowers

Invite more wildlife

A small garden can invite just as much wildlife as a large space, and is equally as enjoyable to watch. Place a stylish bird feeder amongst the plants in your garden, or even opt for a pond if you are willing to sacrifice the lawn space to encourage the local wildlife to become regulars in your garden.

Think vertically

If you can’t expand outwards, why not upwards? Create height in your garden area by adding a trellis and vines to your fence, and even consider adding some garden ornaments to your trees for a touch of personality to the area.

Add greenery

A large expanse of quality lawn can be a great way to enhancing the space in your garden, limiting wild plants and shrubbery to the borders of your garden. Talk to our team at Buckley Lawn Turf for some insider tricks on using a quality turf to create the illusion of added space in small areas.

lawn for small garden

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