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How to Lay the Perfect Lawn

turf laying

A beautiful lawn can transform any garden, creating the ideal space to relax and enjoy the weather once summer arrives. Achieving an immaculate lawn at any time of the year is simple with a few handy tricks, and our expert team here at Buckley Lawn Turf have shared their top tips on how to lay turf with you below.

Prepare your soil

It’s important to ensure your soil is prepared in advance for the turf to be laid in order for the turf to root into the soil correctly – soil should be levelled and turned over before you lay your turf on to it.

Lay at one end first

Start laying your turf from one side of the lawn, unrolling the turf slowly to avoid any damaged. It’s important to ensure each turf is fitted closely to next to another to avoid any gaps. To avoid the turf becoming damaged or indented as you work, use wooden planks or boards to work from when unrolling the turf.

Stagger joints

Stagger the joints of subsequent rows so they form a brickwork pattern. Laying the turf in this way instead of completely lined up will avoid gaps forming, and will encourage the entire lawn to root, making the turf stronger and less likely to need repairs.

turf laying

Tamper the lawn

Once all the layers of turf have been laid, you can lightly tamper the turf with a straight piece of wood, running it along the top of the turf. This will ensure the turf is flattened down and in good contact with the soil underneath, as well as showing up any gaps or ditches that need to be levelled.

Prepare the edges

It’s important to tend to the edges of your newly laid out turf to ensure they do not dry out or damage. Spread a mixture of soil under the edges to prevent this, and soak the edges thoroughly with water.

Leave the soil

Lastly, once your turf is laid, leave it undisturbed for several days so the turf can root into the soil. You should continue to water the turf throughout this period to promote a healthy, beautiful lawn.

Laying turf can be a difficult job to get right, so that’s why we provide expert turf laying services here at Buckley Lawn Turf to ensure your turf is laid perfectly in your garden. Our experienced team take care of all the aspects of turf laying, from ground preparation to the actual laying of the turf, providing you with a professional service and a beautifully set lawn.

For more information, feel free to contact us today to discuss your requirements, and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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