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How To Fix Dog Urine Patches In Grass & Prevent Them From Occurring Again

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If you’ve just had a brand new turf laid in your garden, keeping it in top condition will be a priority. However, all the mowing, trimming and watering you do will not counter the damage a dog urine can do to your lawn.

Your dog’s urine is so concentrated that with time, the lawn can completely die due to the chemical exposure. Whilst you can’t stop your dog from doing his business in the garden, there are steps you can take to ensure this doesn’t ruin your turf – we’ve listed our top tips below.

Dilute the area

To avoid a damaging stain on your grass, you could dilute the area where your dog has urinated. Applying a bucket of water to the affected area will reduce the damage to your grass, however you will have to keep a keen eye on your dog to be able to treat the grass this way every time!

Water your garden frequently

A less demanding method to protect your garden is to keep it watered regularly. Setting up a sprinkler system to turn on for an hour once a week can be a great way to keep the moisture in your grass and reduce the damage your dog’s urine has on your turf.

Go for a hard-wearing lawn

Hard wearing lawns can take more wear and tear, so are ideal for homes with pets. Not only will the grass be able to endure your dog running around on it all day, but it will also deteriorate slower when your dog needs to do his business.

hard-wearing lawn

Train your dog

If you want to avoid the inevitable patches of damage that come with owning a dog, training your pet to use a designated area of the garden may be an ideal solution for you. At least this way, only one area will be at risk of damage or dying – if you choose a well-hidden space such as behind some shrubs or trees to train your dog, you can still maintain a great looking lawn for your garden.

Repair the damage

If the damage has already been done to your turf, there are ways to improve its appearance. You can rake out the dead grass and sprinkle new seeds to encourage fresh growth. If your whole lawn is full of damaged patches, however, laying a new turf may be more beneficial than trying to treat each individual patch.

Buckley Lawn Turf provide new turf at competitive prices to suit a range of requirements, including hard wearing turfs that can withstand sustained use! Talk to a member of our team today for more information about the most suitable lawn for you, and how we can help you with the perfect installation.

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