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Turf Measuring Guide

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When you’re buying fresh turf for your lawn, the last thing you want is for your delivery to arrive and to find that you’ve ordered the wrong size turf. In order to ensure you order the correct amount of turf, you need to know how to accurately measure your lawn area.

Here at Buckley Lawn Turf, our team have put together a useful turf measuring guide to assist you in this process.

Please Note: As these methods will provide a rough guide rather than exact measurements, it is useful to overestimate by 5-10% when ordering, as this will ensure that any missed areas will have enough turf to be filled.


Measuring a rectangle or square

rectangle turf grass

Squares and rectangles are the most simple shapes to measure your turf requirements for – simply measure the width and height of the lawn, and then multiply these measurements for the amount of turf you will require.


Measuring a circle

A slightly more difficult equation, to get the right measurement for your circular lawn you will need to take the radius (half the distance across the middle of the circle), square it and then multiply this number by Pi (3.142).

For example, if your circular patch of lawn is 10 metres across, you will need to take half of that (5), multiply it by itself (25), and then times it by Pi (3.142). So the area of the circle would therefore be approx 78.55 metres.

circle turf measurment


Measuring on oval shaped lawn

If your lawn is oval-shaped, you will need to measure both the length and the width of the area in metres. You will then need to do the following equation:

(Length x 0.80) x Width.


Measuring a triangular lawn

To find how much turf you need for a triangular shaped lawn, first measure both the height and the base of the triangle, and convert to metres. Multiply the base by 0.5, then by the height.

For example, if the base is 10 metres and the height is 8 metres, you would need to do the following equation to determine how much turf is required:

10 x 0.5 x 8 = 40 metres².

triangle turf grass


Miscellaneous shapes

Some lawns cannot simply be categorised into a particular shape, and instead form an interesting pattern in your garden. In order to get a good idea of the amount of turf you will need for a lawn like this, sketch out the shape of the lawn area, and divide the area into the shapes identified in this article to calculate from there.

Laying turf can be a difficult project, and getting the right measurements is essential for ensuring your new lawn looks great. If you’re not confident in measuring and laying the lawn yourself, we provide professional turf laying services here at Buckley Lawn Turf – helping you achieve the perfect look for your garden.


Our team can handle all aspects of turfing your lawn, from taking accurate measurements to preparing the ground before laying the turf for a professional look. Simply contact us today for any further information about the services we offer, or to talk with the team about your requirements.

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