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Keeping your lawn well maintained: Lawn Laying Aftercare Checklist

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In our article last month, we reviewed how to lay the perfect lawn for your garden, creating a beautiful space to enjoy once summer arrives. However, looking after your lawn once it has been laid is equally as important for ensuring it stays well maintained and in pristine condition.

Our team here at Buckley Lawn Turf have compiled a handy checklist detailing the aftercare needed once your lawn has been laid.

  • Access

All direct contact with the lawn should be avoided for the first week after the turf has been laid in order to prevent depressions being created in the grass. Lay planks or boards across the surface before walking on it if you need to access the lawn, allowing it the chance to settle and root with the soil below.

  • Keep grass moist

It’s important not to let the edges of the turf dry out, and to keep the lawn moist to ensure it stays well maintained. Set up a sprinkler system if you can, or just make sure you regularly hose the lawn to keep it moist. Avoid drenching the lawn or it can rot – simply sprinkle water across the turf, allowing the liquid to soak into the soil beneath. Pay particularly close attention to the corners and edges of your lawn in the immediate aftercare stages to ensure they do not dry and crack from too little water.

  • Mowing

Mowing should be restricted in the first few weeks after your lawn has been laid, with your mower set to the highest setting to just take a small amount off the top. You can mow your turf about 10 days after it has been laid, ensuring the lawn is never cut too short to prevent discolouring or damage.

  • Fertilising

To keep your lawn well maintained, you should fertilise the turf at least twice a year, using a good quality lawn fertiliser to keep the grass growth healthy. Make sure you read the instructions and follow them carefully when fertilising the lawn.

  • Keep pets off

With a freshly laid lawn, it can be tempting to let your dogs run around and have some fun on the grass, but try to hold off for a while to give your turf a chance! Keep your pets off the lawn for the first week after it has been laid, allowing the turf to root into the soil beneath it without the risk of it becoming damaged by over enthusiastic paws!

If you’re looking for an expert turf laying service, look no further than here at Buckley Lawn Turf. Our team take care of all aspects of turfing your lawn, from clearing the area, to preparing the ground for laying the turf to help you achieve the perfect look for your garden.

For more information on the services we offer, contact us today, and we’ll be happy to discuss your landscaping needs with you.

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